Proposition 3

Teachers are Responsible for Managing and Monitoring Student Learning.

Rationale: This is a paper from ED 740 in which I had to assess the students’ literacy and develop a plan based on their stage.  It involved multiple assessment strategies and the ability to demonstrate a plan based on the assessment.  Assessing student abilities is an important part of student monitoring and developing lessons based on assessment demonstrates the ability to manage student learning. 

Reflection:  The paper was only a small part of what I learned during ED 740.  This course had a major impact on my teaching as I learned the difference between assessing and grading.  Teachers need to constantly assess the level of their students and the effectiveness of their lessons.  They need to do this to constantly be improving and refining the learning process.  Graded assignments only tell us how much a student learned, not why or how.  If a teacher only uses graded assignments for assessment then the teacher is only monitoring what a student learned rather than student learning.