Proposition 2

Teachers Know the Subjects They Teach and How to Teach Those Subjects to Students.

Rationale:         This artifact is a lesson plan based on Sophie’s World.  It teaches students how different creation stories connect to their cultures.  The skill the lesson teaches is presentation and organization but the lesson is actually designed to push creative and critical thinking at the same time.  Proposition 2 says that teachers much know their subject, and this lesson requires the teacher to demonstrate all of the expectations for the students’ work.  It also requires creative thinking and critical thinking about one’s own culture, two concepts which tend to be the most difficult part of teaching in Thailand.  Finally it presents the lesson in a nontraditional format.  

Reflection:        This lesson is a perfect example of why I teach.  It is a balance between thinking and action and it is fun.  Students learn presentation skills but while they are presenting they learn to think about their own culture and how it is reflected in its stories.  At the same time students must become creative and create their own.  The artifact provided explores how this lesson uses different motivational theories.  That is also important because most of a teacher’s work is to motivate students to learn.