Proposition 1

Teachers are Committed to Students and Their Learning


Artifact 1:  Subpage – Testimonials:  The following letters were written on my behalf by former students.  When some of my students found out that I was applying for a new position they asked if they could help, so these are their letters of recommendation.  There is no better way to understand the commitment I have for my students than to read their own words.  Two of these students are now attending Ivy League schools and the other student is at Stanford.  It is important to understand that before I started teaching at Triam Udom Suksa School only the students who won the King’s Scholarship or Government Scholarships attempted to apply abroad.  Only by working closely with the students and their families was I able to start a trend of Triam Udom Suksa students going abroad. 

Artifact 2: Attached File – Case Study in Motivation:  This is a case study from EDU 615 Motivational Theory and Classroom Management.  The assignment required observation of a student who was not succeeding and creating a plan to help him become motivated to learn.  In order to do that successfully the lesson had to become differentiated and the student needed work on his self concept. 


Artifact 1: Subpage – Testimonials:  I love teaching. I love seeing my students succeed; in fact their success is why I teach.  I am very proud that my former students wanted to help me and I believe their words show a glimpse into my classroom.  Being committed to students and their learning is more than just teaching a lesson and walking out.  It means joining extracurricular activities such as drama or debate.  It also means mentoring the students and helping them prepare for the next step.     

Artifact 2: Attached File – Case Study in Motivation:    This artifact relates to multiple key indicators of the proposition.  It demonstrates a belief that all students can learn and an understanding of how important motivation is to learning.  It shows equitable treatment of the students, by focusing on the student who needed the attention and an understanding of how to work within a different culture.  Most importantly as a case study of addressing one student’s specific issues it shows the commitment to each student and his learning.  Performing this case study reminded me how important it is to help each student as an individual and not worry about how or why the student was placed in the classroom. This case study helped me to understand how effective differentiation can make a difference in a student’s life.