Proposition 4

Teachers Think Systematically about Their Practice and Learn from Experience.

Rationale: This artifact is an action research on Silent Sustained Reading (SSR) written for EDU 690. During the course of the action research I read about, thought about and questioned reading more than I ever thought possible. The process of the literature review taught me how important it was to read the research for myself as there are often conflicting ideas within the educational community. Perhaps most importantly watching the physical changes in the students as they read has convinced me of the importance of SSR, which I now include in all of my lessons. 

Reflection: Performing an action research project is not an easy process. I was often frustrated at the amount of time I spent reading and writing. Yet I am a profoundly more confident teacher as a result. SSR always seemed like a reasonable idea to me, but I never took the time to use it consistently. I also did not have a strong response when teachers asked me how we know the students are really learning and whether it was worthwhile. Now I am convinced at how effective it is and I am ready to discuss the multitude of studies that demonstrate how effective it is. Most importantly I see it with my own eyes everyday.