Proposition 5

Teachers are Members of Learning Communities.

Rationale:         This is a debate that was filmed for a differentiated education class.  It demonstrates the structure of the World Schools Debate format and explores the arguments for differentiated classrooms.  I have used this debate both to teach debating and to open discussion of differentiation.  Proposition 5 requires teachers to be a part of Learning Communities.  I believe the work I do with debate in Thailand demonstrates my commitment to a learning community.

Reflection:        I have committed a lot of time and energy to building a debate community in Thailand.  I have been involved in hosting tournaments, training teams and raising funs to send students to international tournaments.  Perhaps the greatest impact I have had was to create a league.  I started with just 4 schools and arranged cross trainings on a monthly basis.  After just one year the league grew to 12 schools and now includes a camp. 

I regularly visit schools to teach debate to the students, but mostly to encourage teachers to participate.  I use videos, like this one, to show what our students are capable of when we give them opportunity.